Pick Up Your Child's New Year Prescription for Reading

January 27, 2015

62,000 doctors can't be wrong! How many words are you introducing to your child daily? "The American Academy of Pediatrics released a policy in June asking its 62,000 member doctors to encourage parents to read to their babies daily.” Read the full article here.

Join our cause by supporting the increase of tender words and meaningful interactions between parent and child through storytime using Imagination Library books provided by your local community and the Governor's Books From Birth Foundation in Tennessee. We have known for a long time that research would show how important reading to your children is developmentally and emotionally. Now you have "Doctor's orders" to spend quality time with your child(ren) around books!

Pointing to the pictures, listening to your child's cues as you read, and your sing-song, rhythmic voice as you go over each word is building your child's bond with you as you expand their vocabulary and love of reading. Carving out a daily ritual - whether right after receiving your new book in the mailbox, at bedtime, after pre-school, after bath-time or all of the above (!) - can prove to be the most tender time of your day. Giving the gift of dedicated time and introduction to the world of imagination through books to your child is priceless. Thank you for supporting Tennessee in developing our children to their highest potential!