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Caregiver Engagement

Providing Learning Resources

We provide resources for caregivers to help children develop early literacy skills through reading and learning together. This program gives families the tools to turn conversations into learning opportunities by connecting books with experiences. Resources, like reading tips and learning activities, are shared digitally with caregivers and model how everyday interactions at home can be used to boost learning. 

Before the Classroom

Children begin learning at home before they ever reach the classroom, but many families face barriers to providing high-quality early learning opportunities. Research shows that promoting home learning activities and effective teaching strategies can foster early learning and improve school readiness. Through this program, we hope to provide families with simple, everyday tools to help children strengthen early literacy skills.

Chapter 1: Learning Early with “Modeled Moments”

The Caregiver Engagement program began as a statewide pilot in 2020, in partnership with the Tennessee Department of Education and ReadyRosie, an early education online platform, to provide free learning resources for Tennessee families and children, ages birth through 3rd grade.

In response to COVID-19 school closures, this partnership provided all families with school-aged children in Tennessee with access to ReadyRosie “Modeled Moment” videos, which equipped them with simple and fun activities to help their children learn at home.