Imagination Library Marketing Toolkit: Logos & Infographic

Governor’s Early Literacy Foundation is here to support Imagination Library affiliates in raising awareness of their local programs in each of Tennessee’s 95 counties. As the supporting partner of the statewide Imagination Library, we provide co-branded logos and graphics for affiliates to download and use in their community. Below are these logos that you can directly download to your computer as well as a link to a folder to download all of them at once. 




      Primary                                               Black/White 


Click here to download additional file formats and a black/white version of the DPIL logo.




Horizontal                                      Stacked 

                 Governor's Early Literacy Foundation logo                     

When recognizing GELF, you can select the horizontal or stacked version to best fit the available space. The black/white versions are available for use when there is a colored background. Click here to download additional file formats and a black/white version of the GELF logo.


Co-Branded GELF & DPIL


Adding a Local Sponsoring Organization Logo

If you would like to add your local sponsoring organization’s logo, you can do so by adding a line underneath the GELF and DPIL co-branded logo with your sponsoring organization’s underneath it. Below is a template that showcases the format. Please email should you need assistance with editing this logo template. Click here to download additional file formats of the co-branded logos. 


How it Works Infographic


This infographic explains the funding model and public-private partnership for the statewide Imagination Library program in Tennessee. You can use this in materials as well as in talking points.


Program Iconography


Book Delivery program logo, girl with book at mailbox 

This iconography includes multiple colored, silhouette graphics that visualize the Imagination Library book delivery. This folder also includes the funding model infographic. Click here to download additional file formats.

If you have any questions on how to customize these materials or other resources that you would like, please email