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GBBF Branding Guidelines 

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Click here to download full Marketing Kit.

County Presentation Tools

You can use these resources to help sharpen your program's communications with the public, media, donors, and government officials. The talking points and Powerpoint presentation are great tools for sharing the history, goals, and progress of the GBBF and Tennessee's Imagination Library statewide! The Powerpoint presentation is customizable to highlight the growth of your affiliate program.

Imagination Library Billboard 

Macon County created a billboard for their community to boost enrollment. Click on the link below to view the mock-up of what the billboard looked like. If you are interested in creating one in your county, contact Claire Jones at

Upload/Download Photos to Flickr

Tennessee IL Radio PSAs

To listen to and/or download the PSAs, go to the Dropbox linked below. To copy the audio files to your hard drive or flash drive, click the Dropbox link below, Right click an audio file link, then click "Save Link As  . . ." You can then email an audio file directly to a radio station who will run the PSA. 

Tennessee IL Video Spots

To view/play videos, go to TN Imagination Library's YouTube channel. Actual video files which can be copied and saved to your hard drive or a flash drive are located in a DropBox folder at the following link address. Click below, then RIGHT CLICK and "Save Link As  . . ." to save files to your computer or a flash drive.


Direct Mail/E-Mail Campaign

The US Post Office offers an inexpensive method for mailing information flyers to selected neighborhoods or zip codes in your area. We have included basic information from USPS and a sample done in Hawkins County. 

The BOS also has a MailChimp feature that allows BOS Main Coordinators to easily send an e-newsletter directly to parents of children currently enrolled in your program, only for engagement purposes, not fundraising. Through e-newsletters, you could further engage parents by promoting upcoming events, list reading activities for IL books, etc. Find out more about using MailChimp, by visiting the Education page of the County Resource Center.

Suggested uses:

  • Enrollment awareness
  • IL program awareness
  • Fundraising **The Dollywood Foundation prohibits affiliates from sending direct solicitations to parents of registered children.

Graduate Mailer

Even though you are not allowed to ask the parents of children currently enrolled in your program for a donation, you are allowed to solicit parents of graduates. It can be done in an easy and fun way! Many counties mail a congratulatory letter to the children graduating from their program each month and entering kindergarten. The letter wishes them a happy birthday and includes a book plate, certificate, and letter to the parents asking for a donation. A template letter can be found below as well as a certificate and book plate. 


Thank you cards for donations given in honor of special occassions. 

Fundraising Event Ideas

Grant Writing


League of Extraordinary Teens

According to the Corporation for Nation & Community Service, an estimated 55% of youth ages 12-18 participate in volunteer activities in their communities. Want to tap into this resource to support enrollment and fundraising in your county? Look at the resources below for the League of Extraordinary Teens program, established by GBBF in 2005.

This statewide initiative engages Tennesseans ages 13 – 19 in the financial and logistical support of IL programs in their counties. League Membership requires teens to personally register a minimum of ten children and raise a minimum of $120 to cover the cost of including those children in their county’s Imagination Library for one full year. As a reward for their efforts, Extraordinary Teens receive a Certificate of Appreciation signed by the Governor and are recognized on the website and in newsletters. Requirements and recognition can be customized to meet the needs of your county. 

For more information, please contact Linda Kirkpatrick at (615) 532-2836 or


Click here to download our updated logos reflecting the new Governor's Early Literacy Foundation name.

Once you find the logo you’d like, click Download in the upper right corner to download and save the file to your computer.

**Reminder: You must always use our logos on materials.

How-to download the below logos:

1. Right click the logo you would like to download.

To insert it into Microsoft Word or Powerpoint:

2. Click Copy Image.
3. To insert it into your document or presentation, right click where you want to place it, and click Paste.
4. Under Paste, you will see two options, one with a paintbrush and one with just an arrow. Make sure you always click the one with the paintbrush as that will save your image with the correct formatting.

If you wish to save the logo on your computer:

1. When you right click it below, choose Save as.
2. Then, you can choose where it will be saved on your computer and what the name of it will be.

So that we remain consistent statewide, we prefer you use the below set of logos as they portray and depict our three-way partnership between DPIL, GBBF, and the county program. 

If you would like to personalize and add the name of your county program to the logo, you can do so on the two logos below.
If you would like to personalize and add a logo unique to your county program, you can do so on the logo below.


Need help adding your county name or logo?
Click here to download step-by-step instructions.

If you do not wish to personalize the logo to your county program, you can use the statewide GBBF/DPIL logos below. 


Press Kit Materials:

Click here to download full Press Kit.
Need help starting a League of Extraordinary Teens?

Ask your friends in Rhea County and Meigs County. They have very strong chapters. Click here to visit our directory and contact their IL for assistance. 

Meigs County League of Extraordinary Teens


GBBF is also always here to help! 

For questions or assistance with your League of Extraordinary Teens, contact Claire Jones at 615-350-4355 or