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Best Practices for Engaging with Local Media: Press Release & Media Advisory Resources

By engaging with local media, you can raise awareness of county Imagination Library program milestones and events through a press release or media advisory. Below are links to templates and best practices for both items as well as two ad templates for general program awareness and the Dolly Parton license plate sales. Please email should you have any questions or need assistance with media outreach or ads.

Media Advisory

A media advisory, or media alert, is sent out to media before a program event to invite them to attend. The program event may be a news conference, grand opening or presentation, etc. It’s an invitation to attend an event that may or may not be open to the public.

Click here for best practices on writing a media advisory and to download a customizable template.

Press Release

A press release to the media details recent news about the program, such as an announcement of a charitable donation or partnership or recent event. It is sent out to media immediately after the announcement is made or on the same day the event is held. It describes the news or event, its notable attendees, and is typically sent out with photographs depicting the event.

Click here for best practices on writing a press release and to download a customizable template.

Ad Templates