Storybook Trail Grants

Through our Storybook Trail program, we partner with Tennessee State Parks Conservancy, city parks and outdoor areas to create enriching outdoor reading experiences for children and families to connect literacy with a fun, physical activity. Our role is to amplify the Storybook Trail program by providing partners with potential grant funding, best practices for launching the trail, securing book permissions and engaging the community. In expanding this program, we do have branding guidelines and requirements for marketing and reporting outcomes. Guidelines will be outlined in a grant agreement and signed by all parties. The local partner will be held responsible for production of the trail and coordination with park staff. Below are links to the Storybook Trail Handbook and our Storybook Trail grant application.

Grant Opportunities

Governor’s Early Literacy Foundation offers two different grants to support Storybook Trails. The Trailblazer Grant ‘paves’ the way for interested local partners to construct a new trail in their community. The Plot Twist Grant ‘paves’ the way for the renewal of existing Storybook Trails that have been serving Tennessee families for at least two years. Please click on the links below for more information on both grant opportunities.

Trailblazer Grant

Governor’s Early Literacy Foundation offers a Trailblazer Grant to provide community partners with a funding opportunity to create an enriching outdoor reading experience for families to enjoy. This grant can be used to help fund the construction of a new, permanent Storybook Trail in a public space in Tennessee. Interested in applying? To learn more, click on the link below.

Plot Twist Grant

Do you have a Storybook Trail that is two or more years old? You can apply for a Plot Twist grant, even if you have received funding from us in the past! If you want to renew your trail with a new book title or your panels have experienced wear and tear, you should explore if our grant is for you. To learn more, click on the link below.

“Becoming a Storybook Trailblazer” Handbook

The “Becoming a Storybook Trail Handbook” is a guide to walk you through building a Storybook Trail in your community. This document outlines FAQs, best practices and tips to launch a Storybook Trail.

If you are interested in bringing a Storybook Trail to a Tennessee State Park, please contact the Tennessee State Parks Conservancy at

For more information on the program and parks, please contact