GBBF to be Featured in New NECAT TV series Our Nashville

January 13, 2017

Exciting news!! GBBF has been selected as one of 20 local nonprofits to be featured in season one of the new NECAT TV series Our Nashville.

Nashville Education, Community, and Arts Television (NECAT) is launching a new television series called Our Nashville, featuring 20 thirty-minute episodes in season one,each focusing on a different local nonprofit organization.

In summer 2016, NECAT received news that their Public Investment Proposal for adding a new service to the city had been approved by Mayor Barry and by Metro Council. The project is designed to proactively inform the public about the many invaluable nonprofit services and opportunities available to them and to let nonprofit organizations know that city leaders and public arts, public education, and public access television teams value their roles in our city.

“This is a wonderful way for the city to work with non-profits in order to highlight the important work they are doing in the community,” said Mayor Megan Barry. “The PIP process is designed to promote innovation and collaboration, and NECAT has produced a great model for supporting our city’s invaluable non-profit organizations.”

In fall 2016, a call for applications went out to area nonprofits to apply for coverage in season one and NECAT received 103 applications for the 20 spots. An experienced Selection Committee comprised of the heads of several major foundations worked with NECAT CEO Trish Crist to score the applications and the cumulative numbers identified the season’s top 10 arts and top 10 education/community service.

“Governor’s Books from Birth Foundation is thrilled to have been chosen by NECAT to be featured in an Our Nashville episode! We cannot think of a better partner than NECAT – one who deeply shares our mission to provide all preschool children with access to Imagination Library books, and to engage families in reading to young children," said GBBF President Thersa Carl. "This program will definitely help us increase enrollment and will greatly boost our message to families that early reading is the key to proficiency!”

Excited for this season and the opportunity for future seasons, NECAT CEO Trish Crist explains, “It’s our purpose to do everything we can for all of these great organizations, so we offered all 103 applying entities a year’s worth of Community Event Bulletin space.” These spots, like commercials on network television, will run during program breaks on all 3 NECAT channels reaching 19 middle Tennessee counties to help spread the word of the organizations’ work and important roles in the community.

Content planning meetings are currently underway and shoots will begin shortly involving a Super Crew of Metro Nashville Public School broadcast academy career track students who were selected from 175 of their peers trained these past two years at NECAT through generous support from Ascend Federal Credit Union.

Stay tuned for more information about our 30-minute espisode!