20 Reading Resolutions for the New Year

As we celebrate the new year and the start to our 20th Anniversary, we are excited to share 20 reading resolutions to help you grow as a reader this year!

  1. Try something new! Picking up a different genre or book that you wouldn’t typically read is a great way to start the year.
  2. Read a poetry book.
  3. Read more books written by diverse voices.
  4. Start a reading diary to reflect on the books that you’ve read.
  5. Share a book by reading it aloud to somebody that you care about.
  6. Talk about every book that you read.
  7. Read a book about a historical figure.
  8. Find a book buddy to read with.
  9. Re-read a past favorite book.
  10. Read a recommendation from a librarian.
  11. Start or join a book club.
  12. Read a little (or a lot) every day.
  13. Gift a favorite book to someone else.
  14. Try a new series.
  15. Replace 10 minutes a day (or more) of screen time with a new book.
  16. Learn a new skill with a “how-to” book.
  17. Create a “To-Be-Read” Jar – place slips of paper with book names that you want to read in a jar and use that to select your next read.
  18. Read a book about your local community or written by someone in your local community.
  19. Read a book about one (or more) of your loved one’s interests or hobbies – find a new way to connect and learn about something they love!
  20. Keep a tracker of all of the books that you read, so you can celebrate the accomplishment of achieving your resolutions!

As you work on your reading resolutions this year, take a photo or video and share with us on social media @GovEarlyLiteracyTN.