Mitch Federman Speaks About the Imagination Library to Local Rutherford County Magazine

January 30, 2014

In a recent issue of VIP Murfreesboro, Mitch Federman, President of Rutherford County Books from Birth, spoke about the importance of the Imagination Library for children in his community. Read an excerpt below: 

Why is Books from Birth such a vital resource to this community?
Multiple studies have shown that childhood literacy is a pretty good indicator of a person’s ability to be successful through school and into adulthood. If we wait until our children are in school to start to foster a love of books and reading, we are too late. Towards this effort, Books from Birth makes books available to all children in Rutherford County.
By planting the seeds of literacy early in life, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library encourages positive parent-child interactions. It helps Improve kindergarten readiness and sets the foundation for school success.
Children who participate in the program recognize pictures, numbers and words. They understand what a story is and know how to flip through a book. These children know the joy of receiving a gift in the mail every month and love reading stories with their parents and caregivers. They are certainly better prepared for kindergarten.

You can download the article here or view it on the VIP Murfreesboro website at