The State of the Child in Tennessee: Kids Count Report on Child Well-Being

The Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth (TCCY) is an independent state agency created by the Tennessee General Assembly to advocate for improvements in the quality of life for Tennessee children and families. TCCY is a state KIDS COUNT affiliate, and partial funding is provided through a grant from the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The KIDS COUNT: The State of the Child in Tennessee report, released annually by TCCY, focuses on the current state of children’s wellbeing in Tennessee as a whole and by county. TCCY ranked counties based on data organized into four domains, Economic Well-Being, Education, Health, and Family & Community.

2020 Education Take-aways:

  • Tennessee’s strongest gains came in 4th-grade reading proficiency and 8th-grade math proficiency, determined by scores on the biannual National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).
  • Tennessee’s highest rank is in the education domain at 29, and its lowest is for health, where the state ranked 48.
  • The state’s education domain rank is supported by the 90 percent of Tennessee high school students graduating on time in 2018, the third-highest rate in the country, and by relatively high achievement in 4th-grade reading and 8th-grade math.
  • However, the state had one of the lowest rates of young children attending pre-K programs, with over 60 percent not enrolled in early childhood education.

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