Sharing Child and Parent Views on Reading for Fun & Frequency: Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report

Kids & Family Reading Report

Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report: 7th Edition is a national survey that shares the views of both kids and parents on reading books for fun and the influences that impact kids’ reading frequency and attitudes toward reading. Those surveyed include more than 1,000 pairs of children ages 6–17 and their parents as well as 678 parents of kids ages 0–5.

Key Take-Aways:

Reading to Navigate the World

The decline by nine:

  • Families expect more from children’s books
  • What reading means to kids
  • The social-emotional side of reading

Books and Characters to Reflect Our Diverse World

  • Diversity in children’s books is highly inclusive
  • Many children and parents want diversity in books
  • The demand for diversity is on the rise
  • Characters build character

Access Matters: Reading Role Models and Books

  • Kids need help finding books
  • Reading role models show kids the way
  • Books at home and in the classroom provide access
  • When kids choose, kids read

The Summer Reading Imperative

  • The “summer slide” awareness gap
  • Book access diminishes when school is out
  • Parents rely on schools and communities for summer reading
  • More kids are reading zero books over the summer

The Rise of Read-Aloud

  • More parents are reading aloud to their young children
  • The family read-aloud experience is overwhelmingly positive
  • Read-Aloud frequency diminishes rapidly as children grow older
  • How to make read-aloud fit in, regardless of age

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