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County Connection Archive 

The quarterly County Connection newsletters we send you are filled with valuable information to assist you in your efforts. They can be used as an informative tool to refer back to and answer any questions you may have on a variety of topics from BOS issues to fundraising. Click on the link next to each date to read that newsletter featuring the bulleted topics listed below. 

March 2018 newsletter: Click here to read.
  • Need to register for a 2018 G.I.F.T. Summit?
  • Want to see the newest website resources to promote Dolly license plate sales in your county?
  • Download a template letter to engage legislators on behalf of your program or a fill-in-the-blank donation card to use at events.
October 2017 newsletter: Click here to read.
  • IL Week 2017 Re-cap: See how the #GotCaughtReading 2017 campaign went!
  • Learn about other county evens to celebrate IL Week in your community.
July 2017 newsletter: Click here to read.
  • Missed Homecomin' 2017? Re-cap of new DWF announcements
  • Need to know what to bring with meetings with funders?
May 2017 newsletter: Click here to read.
  • Want to learn how to pull reports from the BOS?
  • Need talking points for a fundraising presentation?
  • Want to learn how to send an e-newsletter out of the BOS?
  • Want to add a sponsor to the book label?
February 2017 newsletter: Click here to read.
  • Want to apply for a Homecomin' 2017 scholarship?
  • Need help with using social media to fundraise and raise awareness?
  • Want to learn about new fundraising strategies and ideas?
  • Need help with grant-writing?
November 2016 newsletter: Click here to read.
  • Haven't filled out your 2016 Year-End County Survey yet?
  • Want to learn about the website's new resources and how they can help you?
  • Want to know your program's current enrollment?
July 2016 newsletter: Click here to read.
  • Want to download new marketing materials?
  • Need to learn how to raise awareness of your IL during the summer?
  • Want to find out Tennessee's 2016 Child Well-Being score to use when seeking out donors?
May 2016 newsletter: Click here to read.
  • Having trouble with the BOS updates?
  • Want to learn how to pull reports from your child-list?
  • Need to set-up GELF with data clerk access?
  • Want to learn more about our partnership with DHS?
February 2016 newsletter: Click here to read.
  • Need a recap of responsibilities & roles for IL volunteers? 
  • Want to reach out to the 2015 G.I.F.T. Summit Facilitator Kim Carpenter Drake? 

Dollywood Foundation Materials

This is list of the 2020 Imagination Library books that will be mailed this year by age group. This is a great resource to share with teachers and other educators to let them know which books are going in the homes of our children and how to incorporate them in the classroom.

These videos produced by the Dollywood Foundation go hand-in-hand with the operations training manual and refrence guide. The videos are put together in quick and easy chapter format if you have questions or need a refresher. 

Remember that any time you want to do a read aloud event, or use a photo or image of an Imagination Library book you need to submit a permission form to obtain prior permission. If you have any questions feel free to contact us, or Tennessee Regional Director Christy Crouse at or at (865) 368-2786.

Other Non-Profit Resources

2019 Guidebook for Tennessee Non-Profits


Research Studies

Urban Child Institute Effectiveness Study

Click on the link above to download a summary of the study conducted by UCI Research Fellow Doug Imig. It provides a detailed overview of the study's results, which clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of the Imagination Library in Shelby County and two Mississippi counties. This is a great tool for giving your community SCIENTIFIC DATA about how the Imagination Lirary prepares children for kindergarten.

Tennessee Board of Regents Study

In 2007, the GELF asked the Tennessee Board of Regents to study the relationship between the Imagination Library and participants' kindergarten readiness levels. You can download a sumamry of the results by clicking the above link.

Reading Activities

Visit our "Engage with your Child" page to see Reading Activities for each age group. If you scroll down, you can also choose activities for specific Imagination Library books. Share this with parents and caregivers! 

Click here to visit "Engage with your Child" page.

BOS How-tos

Find Local BOS Support
Basic Training
Add a Sponsor to the Book Label
Set up GELF with Data Clerk Access
Why is this important?

If we have login privileges to your database (BOS), we can pull reports about your county’s growth as well as information on statewide enrollment partnerships like Welcome Baby and DHS which is vitally important when we are applying for grants to support the statewide Imagination Library. Without access, we cannot brag on your success and apply for grant money to help your program! 

Downloading Reports & Sorting Data

You can pull the below types of reports from the BOS:

  • Child List: list of all children enrolled in your county.  This is the report you start with to then sort by zip code or age group or enrollment source.
  • Child Summary: shows the source of your enrollments between online and manual entry
  • Book Counts: shows how many books were mailed out by age group during a designated period of time
  • Total Books Mailed: reveals same information as Book Counts, but in bar graph/chart form
  • Graduate Data: shows the number of children who have graduated from your program during the last 12 months (12 months determined from the day you run the report back 12 months)

You can sort your child list in several ways to view your enrollments organized by:

  • Out-of-state addresses
  • Enrollment by zip-code
  • Enrollment by source
  • Enrollment by age group

You will need Microsoft Excel on your computer. This is a part of the basic Microsoft Office package.

Using the BOS MailChimp Feature 

Dollywood Foundation has a direct partnership with MailChimp to allow BOS Main Coordinators to easily send an e-newsletter directly to parents of children currently enrolled in your program, for free or at discounted rates. However, Dollywood prohibits the solicitation of parents for donations. Newsletters are a great tool to communicate and further engage with parents of children in your program--promote upcoming events and activities, prompt parents to update addresses, list reading activities for IL books, etc.

2020 BOS Closing Dates

  • Monday, Jan. 6
  • Tuesday, Feb. 4
  • Tuesday, Mar. 3
  • Wednesday, Apr. 1
  • Monday, May 4
  • Tuesday, June 2
  • Wednesday, July 1
  • Tuesday, Aug. 4
  • Tuesday, Sept. 1
  • Thursday, Oct. 1
  • Tuesday, Nov. 3
  • Tuesday, Dec. 1

Workshop Presentations

2018 Book Bus Summit
2018 G.I.F.T. Summits
Homecomin' 2017 Presentations
2016 Summit Powerpoint

2015 Videos

Partnerships for Sustainability

League of Extraordinary Teens 

Guided Tour of the GELF Website

Cultivating Financial Sustainability 

Getting the Most from the Book Order System 

The Business Side of County Imagination Library Programs in Tennessee 

Enrollment Best Practices 

Building & Sustaining a High Performing Board