Help write the next chapter of Tennessee’s story.

Join the Statewide Early Literacy Education Collaborative of Tennessee.

Hundreds of organizations are working tirelessly across Tennessee to support our youngest learners.

The partners are there. The work is happening. But, it’s often being done in silos with limited resources and operational isolation from partner organizations and schools.

  • Organizations are unsure where to collaborate.
  • Funders are unaware of opportunities for investment.
  • Families often don’t know where to go to get the support and resources.

That is why Governor’s Early Literacy Foundation created the SELECT initiative as an open channel through which the early literacy work already flowing, can flow together.

“Policymakers, practitioners, and researchers can advance the practice of family involvement and strengthen the linkages among early childhood programs, schools, community-based organizations, and families.”
(Weiss et al., 2006).

Powered by GELF, SELECT is a collective of organizations across Tennessee coming together to increase the impact of early literacy efforts through community and collaboration. SELECT connects early literacy organizations, providing networking and professional development opportunities, and increasing visibility of early literacy efforts in Tennessee.

200 Organizations Represented

85% of Tennessee Counties Connected

Our Pillars


Tennessee’s Early Literacy Landscape


Convening & Collaboration


TELL Talks

Future Forecast

Goal – 100% of counties represented

Powered by GELF, SELECT brings together Tennessee’s early literacy leaders for a collaborative conversation to learn, connect, and build awareness around a shared vision.

This initiative aims to build bridges between organizations through networking, learning opportunities, and resource-sharing.

Building Tennessee’s Early Literacy Landscape (TELL)

SELECT is building TELL as a public resource map and directory of the organizations within the SELECT community to:

    • Identify strengths, promising practices, challenges, gaps, and opportunities for growth across the state.
    • Create a snapshot of the work happening to support connections across organizations as well as inform legislators and funders of the impact being made within the state.
    • Ensure families know where to go for support and services.

SELECT is growing.

Help us expand our collaboration.

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