Tips for Reading with Babies

Here are some ways to get the most out of reading books with your baby:  

  • Help your baby to explore the book. Let your baby turn the pages, grab, or even chew on it. 
  • Point out interesting pictures. Say, “Look at the butterfly.” Cover it and ask, “Where is the butterfly?” Uncover it and say, “Peek-a-boo butterfly!”
  • Take time to ask questions and pause as you read. Ask, “What color is the cat?” Pause. Then respond, “White. The cat is white. The white cat says ‘Meow!’”
  • Stay on a page for as long as your baby is interested. Turn the page or stop reading when your baby looks away or seems tired or bored.

Here are some ways you can extend your baby’s learning “on the go”:

  • Bring books everywhere. Keep them on hand, in your diaper bag, or in the stroller.
  • Choose simple phrases from the books you’ve read and use them as you go through the day together. While on a walk, say, “Dogs bark. Birds sing. All for you!”

*credit The Dollywood Foundation