First Lady Crissy Haslam Named Lipscomb’s Innovator in Education

First Lady Crissy Haslam was awarded as the 2018 Lipscomb College Innovator in Education, in honor of her dedication to early literacy and support of Tennessee’s efforts statewide, including Governor’s Books from Birth Foundation, Tennessee’s Imagination Library. She was honored at a special breakfast at the Country Music Hall of Fame on October 30. At the event, First Lady Haslam received a children’s biography of her life illustrated by children across Tennessee. 

“Literacy I believe is just a foundational issue. It is a big mountain to climb but we are climbing it together,” said First Lady Haslam. “There are so many ways to be involved, and people across Tennessee are involved. It’s so encouraging, and I am thankful. There is not a silver bullet for this. This is an effort that has to become entrenched at all levels in our society. It has been such an honor to serve in this role the last eight years. I’ve learned a lot, and I love to learn. So that has made it fun. I could not be more proud of our state. We have seen so much progress, but there is a lot more to do.” (Quote from Libscomb News Archive Article)


In honor of this award and First Lady Crissy Haslam’s support of Tennessee’s Imagination Library, Governor’s Books from Birth Foundation (GBBF) served as a co-sponsor of the event and provided an in-kind donation of copies of Max and the Tag Along Moon given to every attendee.

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About the Lipscomb Innovator in Education Award:
Lipscomb’s Innovator in Education series and award, created by the College of Education, recognizes leaders who have transformed education working from a foundation of Christian faith. Those honored through this program share their stories with current and aspiring educators to better equip them to serve others through education and to positively impact the world. Past recipients include Janet Ayers, president of The Ayers Foundation, and Candice McQueen, Tennessee commissioner of education.