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The League of Extraordinary Teens

The League of Extraordinary Teens (LOET) is a statewide initiative that engages Tennesseans ages 13-19 in the financial and logistical support of IL programs in their counties. Teens can become individual or group members by completing the requirements and application forms outlined here:

Individual Membership

  • Personally enrolls at least 10 children in your county’s IL program.
  • Personally raises at least $120 to cover the cost of these children for a full year.
  • Individual Membership application

Group Membership

  • Each group member enrolls 10 children in your county’s IL program.
  • Group volunteers at or organizes an IL event in their county.
  • Group Membership application

NOTE: Requirements & recognition vary by county. You should contact your local Imagination Library for more information. Questions? E-mail us at info@governorsfoundation.org.             



As a return on their efforts, Extraordinary Teens receive a Certificate of Appreciation signed by the Governor and are recognized on the website and in newsletters.