36783580975_144edc5938_o-(1).jpgHelp Your Books Find
Your New Home

When you move, your books do not automatically move with you. Update your address using one of the options below. Books will arrive between 6-8 weeks after your information is submitted. This is only for use by current Tennessee residents. If you are moving and currently live outside the state of Tennessee, please visit imaginationlibrary.com to update your address. 


Update your Imagination Library parent profile

If you set-up a parent account into the Imagination Library system when your child was enrolled, you can update your address by logging into your account. To log into your account, fill out the form below.

Contact the Imagination Library program in your county

If you don’t have a parent account, you can contact your local Imagination Library volunteer to update your address. 

To contact your local program, search your zip-code in the Imagination Library Directory below. Contact information regarding your county program will appear. To update your address, please contact the volunteer listed as the Database Manager.

Find your County Affiliate