TN Imagination Library Volunteers Make an Impact

April 12, 2018

TN Imagination Library volunteers

National Volunteer Week was established in 1974 (under President Nixon) and has grown exponentially each year. This week, Governor’s Books from Birth celebrates and thanks the 700+ volunteers who lend their time, talent, voice and support to the Imagination Library. It is the collective power of these volunteers who make an impact on early literacy in our communities.



Help Us Shine a Spotlight on TN Imagination Library Volunteers

We need your help this week in shining a spotlight on volunteers  who make the TN Imagination Library program possible in your community. To participate:

  1. Tell us why you volunteer with the TN Imagination Library. Share a video letting us know what you do and why you do it. Posting a picture with text works too! Use the hashtags: #TNImagination #NVW2018 and #GBBFvolunter. Be sure to tag us so we can see and share your post. 
  2. Spotlight and thank volunteers in your community who participate in the Imagination Library and make an impact on early literacy. Post a video or picture (with caption) to thank local Imagination Libraries, special teachers, local officials or others who make the Imagination Library possible in your community. Use the hashtags: #TNImagination #NVW2018 #ThisIsWhatLiteracyLooksLike and #GBBFvolunter. Be sure to tag us so we can see and share your post.

Get Involved with TN's Imagination Library

National Volunteer Week is also a great time to let your community know how they can volunteer with the Imagination Library.
  • Find your local Imagination Library program: Click here to visit our Volunteer Directory to find and contact your local program by searching your zip-code.
  • Attend Imagination Library events happening near you: Click here to visit our Event Calendar to learn about Imagination Library events happening in your area.
  • Stay updated with GBBF and Imagination Library news: Click here to follow the GBBF Blog and read about Imagination Library happenings in your county and across the state. 
  • Teenagers: Join the League of Extraordinary Teens for your local program! Interested? Click here to contact your local Imagination Library program by searching your zip-code.

Other Ways to Make a Difference

In addition to giving time, you can make an impact on early literacy in your community in other ways.
  • Invest in the program: Click here to donate to Tennessee's Imagination Library. You can direct your gift to a specific county. Just $12 provides one child with Imagination Library books for a year, and $60 provides one child with the entire Imagination Library for 5 years-- totaling 60 books!
  • Give a child the opportunity to receive books: Click here to Enroll a child into the program. The only requirement is that the child be between birth and age five.
  • Engage families and parents around books: Click here to download printable reading activities for each age group that correspond with Imagination Library books.